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Institute of Governance, Development and International Studies (IGDIS)

Chittagong Independent University (CIU) established a non- teaching research institute to conduct research, training programs, short term certificate programs for the professional, non-professional and academic personnel in the areas of Governance, Development and International Studies since 2017.

  • Research - To conduct research in the areas of local and national governance in Bangladesh; development issues at local, national, regional, and international level and the contemporary international affairs.
  • Policy Prescriptions - To prescribe policy to the local and national governments, to corporate houses, and to the regional and international organizations in the above noted areas.
  • Training - To impart training to various national, regional and local government leaders, officials, NGO workers, officials of academic organization's and corporate officials.

  • To identify problems and issues in the areas of governance (public/ private/ corporate), environmental, economic, international relations, legal and policy matters;
  • To conduct qualitative and quantitative research on the above mentioned areas;
  • To organize seminars, workshops, interactive dialogue, colloquium about local, national, regional and international issues;
  • To publish occasional papers, research based books and journals;
  • To provide research fellowship to graduate students to conduct research.
  • To design and offer training and short term certificate programs.

IGDIS has established collaboration with Seoul National University Asia Center (SNUAC), South Korea

The collaboration aims at:

  • Encouraging exchanges and visits for faculty members, researchers, and post-graduate fellows.
  • Organizing joint conference and research activities.
  • Enhancing network for future potential research collaborations.

To introduce Masters Program in Governance, Development Studies and International Affairs.

  • Fresh graduates with masters in any discipline interested in pursuing careers in national and international public services;
  • NGO executives;
  • Local and National govt. officers;
  • Corporate Executives of Multi-national and Regional Organizations.

January, 16, 2018

  • Climate Change and Migration: Bangladesh and South Asia Perspective

    School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
    Dr. Alice Baillat
    Associate Research Fellow, The French Institute of International and Strategic Affairs(IRIS).

January, 17,2018

  • Development Partnership in Middle Income Countries (MICs)-The Transition Issues: A Case Study of Bangladesh

    School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
    Syed Sajjadur Rahman
    Senior Fellow, School of International Development and Global Studies University of Ottawa


  • Facing Critical Governance Challenges in Bangladesh: An overview

    School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
    Mohammad Mohabbat Khan, PhD
    Retired Professor, Department of Public Administration, University of Dhaka
    Former Member, University Grants Commission of Bangladesh and Bangladesh Public Service Commission

January, 17, 2019

  • Social Entrepreneurship in Universities: Unleashing its potentials

    School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
    Syed Mahmudul Huq
    Member, BOT, CIU

October, 27, 2019

  • Contemporary issues in the foreign relations of BangladeshAmbassador M. Serajul Islam

    School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
    Ambassador M. Serajul Islam

December, 09,2019

  • Rethinking Development, Globalization and Governance

    School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
    Ahmed Shafiqul Hoque
    Professor, Department of Political Science, McMaster University, Canada.

February, 27, 2020

  • Comprehensive City Development: Strategies and Challenges

    School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
    Professor Nirmala Rao, OBE, FAcSS
    Vice Chancellor, AUW
    S M Ashraful Islam
    Executive chairman, eGeneration Group and former Additional Secretary, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

November, 28, 2021

  • Public Financial Management Framework in Bangladesh

    School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
    Mr. Mohammad Muslim Chowdhury
    Comptroller and Auditor General of Bangladesh

February, 2, 2023

  • Next Generation Business Executives - A Global Perspective

    Knowledge sharing seminar on “Next Generation Business Executives - A Global Perspective” jointly organized by Institute of Governance, Development, &
    Int'l Studies (IGDIS), Chittagong Independent University, and Bangladesh Center of Excellence (BCE) of Chittagong Chamber of Commerce & Industries.

    Dr. Abhilash S Nair
    Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (IIMK), India.

June, 24, 2021

    Win: How public Entrepreneurship Can Change the Developing World

    School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
    Dr. Fouzul Kabir Khan
    Former Secretary, Government of Bangladesh and Founder CEO, IDCOL

September, 25, 2021

    Covid management measures taken around the world that Bangladesh can additionally follow to better resolve its current and future pandemic situations

    School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

November, 07, 2019

    Higher Education, Economic Development and Garment Industry in Bangladesh and Korea.

    School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
    Seoul National University Asia Center (SNUAC)

    10:00-10:30: Opening

    SooJin Park(Director of SNUAC)
    Mahfuzul Hoque Chowdhury (Vice Chancellor of Chittagong Independent University)
    Kihak Sung (Chairman and CEO of Youngone Corporation)

    10:30-12:00: Higher Education in Bangladesh and Korea

    Mahfuzul Hoque Chowdhury, Quazi Mostain Billah and M M Nurul Absar (Chittagong Independent University)
    Role of Private Universities in Higher Educationin Bangladesh and Possible Areas of Cooperation between Chittagong Independent University and Seoul National University.
    Jooyong Park (Seoul National University)
    How to Balance Learning and Thinking in College Classrooms

    13:30-15:00: Economic Development in Bangladesh and Korea

    Mahfuzul Hoque Chowdhury and M M Nurul Absar (Chittagong Independent University)
    SDGs Implementation Challenges for Bangladesh: Lessons from Republic of Korea
    Se-Jik Kim (Seoul National University)
    Korean Economic Growth: Past Glory and Challenges Ahead

    15:30-17:00: Garment Industry in Bangladesh and Korea

    Mohammad Nayeem Abdullah and Syed Manzur Quader (Chittagong Independent University)
    Ready Made Garments(RMG) Sector in Bangladesh: How South Korea Can Assist Bangladesh to Prepare for the 21st Century Challenges?
    Joonkoo Lee(Hanyang University)and Hyunji Kwon (Seoul National University)
    Bangladesh, Korea and the Future of Asian Apparel Production Networks in a Volatile World

    17:00-17:20: Closing

  • Expansion and Profitability of Bank Branches: A Study on Selected Rural Branches of Bangladesh

    Syed Manzur Quader, Mohammad Nayeem Abdullah, Nahin Israt Shamsi
    Published at Macroeconomics and Finance in Emerging Market Economies (Volume 13, 2020 - Issue 3) by Routhledge, Taylor & Francis Group
  • India’s NRC, CAA may take Bangladesh closer to China

    Emon Kalyan Chowdhury
    Published at Diverse Asia by SNUAC
  • Sovereignty of Bangladesh and China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ Project

    Mohammad Belayet Hossain
    Published at Diverse Asia by SNUAC
  • Belt and Road Initiative and China’s “Love” for Bangladesh: What Bangladesh Could Actually Expect from it.

    Iffat Ishrat Khan
    Published at Diverse Asia by SNUAC

  • Institute of Governance, Development, and International Studies (IGDIS) at Chittagong Independent University and The Center for South Asian Studies (CSAS), Asia Center at Seoul National University, Seoul have started a joint research on "The Future of RMG Industry of Bangladesh Confronting Covid-19 and Industry 4.0: A Multi-Level Disaster Analysis" from 1st November, 2020. 
  • Dr. Syed Manzur Quader and Ms. Iffat Ishrat Khan from CIU and Professor Sung Yong Kang and Dr. Lee Myung-Moo from SNU are the participating researchers in this one year long project and it is funded by Seoul National University Asia Center(SNUAC).